Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

That is the only way to describe the items we have for you from these two amazingly unique cultures.

Beautiful hand painted Turkish ceramics, always popular as gifts come in a huge range of colours to suit any décor or person.

They are superbly made, the detail is amazing, and they really do make a special gift.

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Turkish Ceramic Tiles

Useful purpose made Trivets in traditional patterns are always a popular ‘fail safe’ present.

We also have a lovely range of feature wall tiles specifically for your kitchen, bathroom or wherever you fancy.

Put these together with a basic white tile (so economical) and you will have a room that looks truly exotic without the exotic price tag !

Our traditional style Turkish handbags never fail to please too.

IMG_0373                        IMG_0403

If you want to make a real statement , treat yourself to a stunning new Moroccan lantern.

We have a beautiful range of Moroccan lanterns in all the exotic styles, shapes and colours you would expect.


What we don’t have in stock to show you (as there are soooo many…) we can show you catalogues of extras !


moroccan bol en cuivreCoinate Amine       IMG_0610

They can really transform your home. Lightweight, well priced, and easy to install.

You can build your whole new décor around your new light…….the possibilities are endless.

We also have a fantastic range or Moroccan ceramics both for yourself or a friend as a special gift.

IMG_0499    IMG_0502

Well priced, they make a real statement on your dinner table.  Perfect for the Spring & Summer evenings when we all start to eat outside, your guests will be very envious indeed . For Winter we have cooking tajines also. So much more inviting to serve your favourite hot winter dish in a tajine than a plain old oven dish !

All those wonderful styles that are so unique to Morocco: Fez, Safi, Marrakesh…….see them at Firefly Interiors.

moroccan tajines         moroccan dishes